Turkeys at Utah Natural Meat & Milk

In honor of Thanksgiving we wanted to see if we could find a local farm that sells fresh, all natural Turkeys and tour their farm. After some google searching and weeding out local grocery stores and large commercial companies, we finally struck gold: a family owned and operated farm called Utah Natural Meat & Milk in West Jordan, Utah!

We couldn't believe that we had never heard of this farm before. They are fifth generation farmers who are dedicated to providing all natural food to the community. They raise, process and sell all of their meat, milk, eggs on site. Its a very impressive operation!

We pulled up to a dirt parking lot full of cars in front of the store front they have on the farm. We went into the farm store and looked at all of the things they had to offer: frozen turkeys, eggs, raw milk, cheese, honey, pork, beef, chicken, lamb and many other meat products.

Kristen and Shayn introduced themselves and took us on a quick tour to see the turkeys. Our kids got to help feed the turkeys the grass that is sprouted daily in the farm's green house and is a major part of all the animals' diets on the farm.

We learned that the turkeys here are raised longer than typical commercial turkey farmers, who pump their turkeys full of hormones so they are fully grown in 5 months. At UNM they raise their free range turkeys in 6- 7 months and do not use hormones, antibiotics, corn or soy products or any additives or fillers. These turkeys are as healthy and natural as they can get, which is not always easy to find when it comes to meat!

We will definitely be going back to Utah Natural Meat & Milk soon to learn more about other types of meat and milk that they have to offer!

visit the UNM website!

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