The Truth

Ever since we have moved back to Utah, we have wanted to be a part of the local farmer scene. I grew up in Vernal, UT. Some of you might give a little chuckle because it a town known for it's Dinosaurs!

I was born and raised there and I have come to really enjoy this little town. Here I learned how to respect those around me and really learned to hate the removal of Russian olive trees. (If you do not know what those are, you haven't experience true hard labor)

In Vernal, my family had a garden with all kinds of vegetables. It was a family affair when it came time to harvest the potatoes. I remember the times sitting in the garden in the hot summer time and just eating the peas right of the plant and loving every bite. Also, in Vernal, I learned to slaughter my own animals for meat. This was a wonderful growing experience and taught me to respect every creature for it's purpose on this earth.

I moved away from Vernal and married the love of my life in Mesa, AZ. Bailey.

We have just celebrated our 10 year anniversary and are loving every moment. 6 years ago, we moved from Mesa, AZ to the Wasatch Front. Since we have moved back to the Wasatch Front, our family has started to grown and I want my children to experience the same experiences as I had while growing up.

Over the past six years, my wife and I have been attending farmers markets, farms and studying about local food. Something about having a local food mindset keeps things simple in our lives. We really enjoy the farmers that open up their farms to the public for people to experience a little bit of what it's like to be on a farm. We enjoy eating food that was picked that morning from down the street and love knowing that we are helping out our community.

We want to start this blog (or social media presence) by documenting our journey through visits and interviews of local farmers and farmers markets. We have found a lot of value in it and we want to share it to the world.

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