We want to bring local farmers to you!

Our family has been going to farmers markets since our oldest was 2. When we moved to the Wasatch Front 6 years ago, I wanted to get to know my local farmers. This guess this desire comes from my roots in Vernal, UT. I grew up  knowing who my local farmers were, heck, I even slaughtered my own steers growing up.

I guess there is something that draws our family to the local food movement. So here is our journey. Our journey knowing the local farmers, local markets and helping farmers get to know us.


One thing we found out is that most of the local farmers are not 'local'. Most live outsite of the Wasatch Front but still want to serve our valley. Subscribe and let us know what kind of local food you like. Once we know what you like, we will help farmers reach out to you with what you like.